There is no clutter, no visible cables in any room, all of the equipment is hidden away but useable in every room, all in high definition, you can’t even see any speakers, the music is just all around you, it is clearly magic!

We text the house on our way home at night. When we get there the gates have already opened and the external lights are on. We don’t have to stop at the gates and there are no dark areas by the garage when we pull up.

I can control and see everything in the house from my PC at the office, not only that now its installed in the office I can see and control everything in the office from the house and on holiday as well.

My music is distributed all around the home, when we have a party each room can play the same thing at the same time at different volumes.

We used to have 5 SKY HD boxes, and subscriptions. Now we only have 2. It doesn’t matter which room I am in when I record the programme because I can watch it back in any room I choose, and in hi-def. Saved a fortune!

We have regular power cuts. The battery back up in the racks keeps everything working and when I have a power cut, my system still works. The rest of the house is off but the music keeps coming. We used to have equipment breaking down all the time because of the power outs. It’s totally reliable now.

Everything in my home is integrated together.

I have a home packed with technology, yet it’s so easy to use.

The cinema room has brought us together as a family. We sit down every weekend and watch films together. It looks and sounds better than the cinema.

The kid’s playroom is full of technology and keeps them completely entertained, not a cable in sight.

Install Automation hooked a Piano up to the system to allow our children to compose their own music. They edit midi tracks and modify all sorts of theme tunes. We wouldn’t have a clue what to do if it wasn’t for them.

We all sit down in one room, press one button and the rest of the house is switched off. No more lights or TV’s left on wasting money.

Watching football in the hot tub in the garden, now that is cool.


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