25 May 2012

Why Centralise Audio and Video – Home Automation?

TV’s are getting smarter but they are also becoming far more complicated, at a recent summit in London Daniel Danker the esteemed head of the BBC’s Iplayer operation told the audience that connect TV’s need to become less complicated. Hooking the things up is hard enough, he said and even then “audiences are presented with a list of choices that boggles the mind”.

At Install Automation we ensure that in our home automation systems centralising equipment makes every TV smart regardless of its age or type, by locating the devices that matter such as Sky,Virgin, Xbox, PS3 and Apple TV centrally we can ensure that every TV has access to the same functionality and services regardless of type. This means that the consumer does not have to spend up to £2000 per set for a smart TV, when a far cheaper set will display and allow operation of all of the centralised services. It also means that when a new device for example an Apple TV is released then that is immediately available on all connected screens.

Centralised audio and video enhances the client experience through simpler seamless operation that is identical in every connected room, it reduces costs and replication of devices as they are shared and not duplicated. It also gives access on every display to devices where licenses for content may normally be limited to one device per home, Xbox Sky Player etc.

Imagine the world where every room operates in the same way and gives access to all devices in the home simply and that is what Install Automation will provide today.


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